Wednesday, March 9, 2011

product photo day

whew. . . took over 200 pics today and I'm feeling good about it. Now if only I had someone else to do the editing! Lots of new items to list and no time to do it. I'm not going to panic though, just gonna take it one at a time and hope I don't lose momentum.

Had to dig us out this afternoon so I can get the boy to school in the morning. We didn't get half as much snow as last time but there were a few thick drifts that might've slowed us down. Looks like the county winged our mail box, AGAIN. Kinda surprised at how well it has held up. It's super super ugly now but obviously it has staying power so why mess with it?

I'm getting closer to having a rough version of my chinese proverb illustration that I spoke of long ago. "Don't curse the darkness, light a candle" or maybe "Don't curse the darkness, turn on the light" or so on. They all work and what a great point. Worth repeating, over and over (especially to certain people).

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