Monday, December 20, 2010

getting out of the house

Got out of the house today, so exciting! ha ha. In search of linoleum to carve. It's amazingly hard to find around here. But I did find some at a great little art store in downtown Oshkosh. Also picked up some blank hemp greeting cards to make Valentine's cards.
On the jewelry end of it I grabbed a few new beads and some hypo-allergenic ear wires. I don't know why I didn't do this a long time ago. My mom always had sensitivity to certain metals so it should've been on my radar. I am paying attention now!
Almost done Christmas shopping. Usually I watch the budgeting better and am maybe a bit of a scrooge. This year, however, I've really enjoyed spending money on others. AND, I bought quite a few presents off Etsy and a couple off of Ebay so I feel like I had a good start to shopping small business. I'm guilty of hitting a couple big box places but only a couple. Hope to wrap it up tomorrow!
Spent a bit too much on the kids but mostly on educational toys so all is not lost. They are spoiled but they are not assholes. umm, to elaborate. . . my Aunt says her husband always said there's a big difference between a kid being spoiled and being an asshole. enough said. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

built my 1st gingerbread house!

The kids loved it. Lil' B ate all the candy she could before we made her put it on the roof and R-dub glued walls and santa with his sleigh. We took a pic and about 10 seconds later it folded into a heap.
Lesson 1: a lot of weight on the roof can be bad for a house
Lesson 2: have your camera ready!
Lesson 3: start early so the sugar doesn't keep the kids up, sheesh, they just fell asleep.

We also started a mom and kids collaberative drawing today. Inspired by my recent find, a Spanish porcelain bird. Not a lot of info out there about it but it sure is cute!
Birds, branches, scribbles, a cat, flowers and more scribbles and marks. All in black drawing pens and markers. We'll add some color and see what happens. I'll post when its finished.
it was a good exercise in not being too attached to what you're drawing. Maybe we can make it a weekly project.
AND...I'm adding a link called Anaya Papaya, it's a great new company focused on family products. Check it out! 
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