Saturday, March 19, 2011

the news

Remind me to not check the news again any time soon. Somewhere between tsunamis, radiation, shootings, stand offs, and air strikes, I've really lost my sense of calm. I am much happier in my little world making things and crooning over my super cute and funny kids.

My son, who is 3 years old, told me today that his 'poopy' was so big it had feet and arms and legs. That may be the funniest thing I've ever heard. He is also the one that was sucking on his big toe "to get the bead out" after he swallowed a plastic bead. And to top it off, he lovingly asked me the other day why I have a mustache. ahem. uh. ouch. Gotta love him. And I really did appreciate the heads up.

Was digging through my folders and found this charcoal drawing I did in school of a classmate:

Unfortunate that I don't have the actual drawing anymore. At least it hasn't surfaced since I moved. And I wish I remembered his name. . . I think it was written on the back.

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