Monday, November 4, 2013

Momentum Challenge: Create and Share Art

I have been participating (kind of) in a wonderful Momentum Challenge focused on moving your business forward. I say kind of because I have missed a few days! But I plan to do every step of it, just in my own time. That might take away from the whole mission of it but it's just how it has to be. Here is the art I created to share:
Day 11 #momentum challenge 
I put this together in Photoshop layering textures on the sky and adjusting the colors and transparency until it was just right. The phrase is from a very inspiring conversation with a good friend. It seemed to be just right for this challenge. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Leaf Prints

Printing with leaves is easy and fun. You can use almost any kind of leaf or plant but some worked much better than others so be sure to do test prints. The kids went on a scavenger hunt for leaves and grasses to use. 
We used acrylic poster paint on white drawing paper. Other ideas would be using newspaper, cereal boxes, old cloth (substitute fabric paint), paper bags, etc.

  • Use a wide brush to paint the leaves with a light coat of paint
  • Lay them carefully onto the printing surface, paint side down
  • Put a piece of lightweight cardboard or folded newspaper over the top of the leaves
  • Apply firm pressure—be careful not to shift the leaves or your image might blur
  • Remove the top paper and slowly peel leaves up from the printed surface
  • Hang to dry

I loved that we could do this outside on a folding table. Very little mess over all and the kids had a great time making these. 
For the best results I suggest doing a few practice prints before printing on your final print surface and adjusting the amount of paint to your liking. Too much paint will not produce a crisp image. For a much bolder image, use dark paint on light colored paper. Happy printing!
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