Print making

Lately linoleum has been my center of printing interest. I picked up a large sheet at the art store on Main Street, downtown Oshkosh. That's the only place I've found it.
I have this great little ice cream chair that I've sketched multiple times. It's just a great image. For this print I took a picture and traced it, then transferred it to the linoleum.
All images ©Mellow Mine 2011

Took a deep breath and started carving the outline, being SO careful not to mess this part up. It's too time consuming a task to have to start over. 
Please do not use images without my permission. All images ©Mellow Mine 2011

I also worked on the flowers so I could take a break from the chair. The blooms are for my larger gift boxes. 

Once outlined I switched blades and started getting all the large spaces cleaned out. Again, being careful not to mess up what I'd already done. Though a mistake would be fixable, I just don't want to go there! 

Kids are sleeping so it's time to try a few test prints. I had the white already in use so I laid some on the linoleum and tried it out. Still have to do a little clean up and that seat will be carved out before final use.
Stay tuned for some finished pieces!
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