Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out and About in Wausau

Had some excellent food and music over the weekend. Finally visited the RedEye brewery for dinner and beers. I'm a big Porter fan and their Wheat Porter was nummy, the spinach and artichoke dip was excellent and my dinner of ribs and carrots was very good as well. My husband's steak was cooked to perfection. The only thing lacking? Kinda thought they forgot about us a few times. But, my guess is our server was very new and only trying to survive a busy Saturday night.
Grabbed a couple beers at Marlarkey's Pub and watched a fun slide show while listening to a talented local cover Tom Petty's American Girl. The whole point of the evening was to get out and sample some new places in town so we moved on to another bar not worth mentioning. They did have an open pool table though which always makes me happy.
Sunday brunch was at the Great Dane and oh it was good! A spicy and delicious Bloody Mary with an obscene array of food (buffet style brunch). If it weren't for the family that heaped all of the berries on their plates, thus leaving me wanting, this would've been perfect. (You weren't the only ones liking the berries people!) Any ways, I am over it!
Fresh fruit and veggies got me thinking spring. I want to change up the garden this year and get some things in that I haven't done before, like parsnips. From what I've read they grow well in Wisconsin.  And I have a sketch started for either a lino print or illustration and its all about growing and gardens. I'm having an issue getting started on it though, seem to have hit a block. Hoping for a little more inspiration.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Go Packers!

Just reporting on my favorite Super Bowl commercials. . . of course I missed a lot of them as I was making taco dip and cooking dinner. . . Doritos was hilarious with the raising of the dead and I also loved the logging one with Roseann Bar, ha ha ha, but I have no clue who did it. The baby one just disturbed me, didn't like it much.
Dinner turned out great, made spaghetti with eggplant and sausage, YUM! And I've been gorging on taco dip non stop. (haven't made it in a while, its the little things).
I took a lot of photos today, don't think I'll do any editing or uploading though. Gonna wait for this neck/headache to go away. I'm excited though, I've got a cheery and bright pair of turquoise and coral earrings to list. Totally thinking spring! And a bright sunshine yellow vintage bag that I regret to admit I passed on the matching suit case. Some times I really wonder about myself.
anyways, gotta go, that taco dip is calling for me!
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