Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Baby steps today, nothing more. i guess inching your way toward a goal is better than no forward motion at all. slept through the alarm this morning resulting in my son going to school an hour late. hasn't been a great week for punctuality.
Me and lil B ran a couple errands. got a new pair of rubber boots for the boy, you should see our yard today. i passed on playing in the mud because there is easily twice as much as yesterday. yikes.
In the mean time i have plenty to do. and plenty to list and I'm not sure what I'm waiting for.
Here are a few of my favorite finds, some listed, most not:

 This last one shows my Spanish porcelain bird that I'm still trying to find information on. Luckily it perches prettily on my hutch and there is no hurry to rid myself of it.
Time to go draw something! See you later.

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