Monday, November 29, 2010

new earrings listed

I LOVE this pair of earrings! Of course my pics don't show it but I'm still struggling with the old camera. Maybe Santa's looking at Macs for me for Christmas :)

White vintage glass rounds and dark red faceted glass. I don't know if its the color combo or sparkle or what but I'm very attached to these. Will be making myself a pair just like them.
Still working on the prints, just don't feel ready to list yet. Soon, soon.
Looking ahead to June (what else do you do when the snow starts flying?) I want a road trip to Utah for my friends wedding and then on to AZ to see me ma. I love northern Arizona. It's empty and beautiful and feels like the most spiritual place on this earth. Though I'd have to travel more to back that up. Moab, AZ, New Mexico ? ? ? I skipped Taos on my way through last time and have regretted it since.
Wish I had an endless supply of time and gas money.

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