Wednesday, December 8, 2010

built my 1st gingerbread house!

The kids loved it. Lil' B ate all the candy she could before we made her put it on the roof and R-dub glued walls and santa with his sleigh. We took a pic and about 10 seconds later it folded into a heap.
Lesson 1: a lot of weight on the roof can be bad for a house
Lesson 2: have your camera ready!
Lesson 3: start early so the sugar doesn't keep the kids up, sheesh, they just fell asleep.

We also started a mom and kids collaberative drawing today. Inspired by my recent find, a Spanish porcelain bird. Not a lot of info out there about it but it sure is cute!
Birds, branches, scribbles, a cat, flowers and more scribbles and marks. All in black drawing pens and markers. We'll add some color and see what happens. I'll post when its finished.
it was a good exercise in not being too attached to what you're drawing. Maybe we can make it a weekly project.
AND...I'm adding a link called Anaya Papaya, it's a great new company focused on family products. Check it out! 

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