Sunday, November 14, 2010

editing vegas

No, I didn't go to Vegas. I haven't gone anywhere. We were headed to the Twin Cities today and that got cancelled. I've contracted cabin fever as of late and even though I have a ton of crap to do I'd like to get out of the house!!!
My sibling went to Vegas and I have a picture, sans debauchery (ha ha), to edit. It's about as exciting as it gets today. Well besides the white-out happening outside.
I have a ton of 'stuff' to list on Etsy and no time to list it. And I've finally realized I need to get my packaging photographed and added to listings so people know what to expect. Expectations are a wicked sort. Especially when everyone's are so different.
And I really need cookies. Or pumpkin bread. Or some equivalent.
I'm going to go make some coffee with egg nog and stare at the falling snow.

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