Friday, November 19, 2010

carrot flavored pieces

Had I read the fine print I would NOT have grabbed that box of carrot cake mix. Carrot flavored pieces! What? How can they not use real carrot? This disturbs me on a lot of different levels that I will not go into at this time.
Instead I'd like to share what I've been working on and what will be listed very soon in my Etsy store.
I created a lino cut of a trike a couple years ago and have finally dug it out and started some prints. And on that note I have also dug out some of my ACEO's that I painted possibly over a year ago. I am going to list a few flowers and nudes on Etsy and get started on some more. They are really fun to make.

My grandmother was an artist who loved painting flowers. Miniature flowers. She could paint a beautiful Iris on an egg. In fact that is what we got in our Easter baskets from her. She would've rocked the ACEO's. We would keep these eggs until they stunk and then would sadly disgard them. Would it have been strange to try to preserve the painted shell? Just recently I was regretting never getting a picture of one.
And here is a packaging/new necklace photo that I need to get on Etsy.

I've done a bunch of new packaging in the last day and a half and need to take new pictures. And then stop changing it.
And once again I still need to upgrade!

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