Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On the way to Moab. . .

Had a nice road trip to Moab for the wedding. Made some fun stops on the way. Once I hit Denver it was all new territory for me. I can't believe I've never travelled 70W out of Denver. I've gone north, south, east, but never west. Wow was I missing out! Idaho Springs and Silver Plume gave me many lovely photos. Lots of old buildings, mines, etc. What I really loved though, was getting stranded in Grand Junction for a few extra hours while our vehicle's wheel bearing was replaced. (scary)
Their downtown is adorable. Reminds me of Eugene, Oregon, but on a smaller scale.
Found an awesome little vintage/thrift store down there that I could've spent hours in.
A Haggle of Vendors Emporium
Everything was organized in collections like the teapots above. Kinda wishing I would've grabbed that light blue teapot on the left. Been thinking in reds and blues since the wedding. Here's a group shot of all of us, it was really windy. This is at Dead Horse Point State Park.

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