Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moab to Colorado

I'm so glad we stayed a little longer in Moab so we could see more of Arches. Definitely worth the trip. I could see a family trip in the future, camping in the park for a few days and then hitting some trails. I burned a back up disc of my photos and inadvertently screwed something up in iPhoto. As soon as I figure that out I'll post pics of Arches. We ran out of time but still managed to get some amazing photos.
Here is one more of Dead Horse Point:
We took the same route home because I wanted to stop in a couple of mountain towns for photos. Of course it was Sunday so no stores were open. Still got a few interesting photos.

These shelves reminded me of a store in the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Nothing but collectible salt and pepper shakers and figurines. Shelves and shelves of them. 
Quaint local bread store. I couldn't imagine being sandwiched between a mountain and an interstate. This rustic main street is holding on, I'm so glad we stopped.
One more fun stop on the way home, I'll tell you about it next time!

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