Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday night at the E.D. wa hooo

So we had just gotten home from running errands and sat down to eat our Olive Garden when. . . my boy couldn't stop bouncing around on his chair. So of course I say "stop fooling around and eat your dinner" and not even 15 seconds later he tips backwards but then flies forward, meeting the edge of the chair seat in the middle. And you always know how bad it is by the scream. And I kinda knew right away we were gonna be headed back to town. ugh, and the food smelled so good too:P Hoping to eat it for lunch today.
Four stitches and four hours later we were home again. Lac. under the chin and somehow he ended up with an ice cream cone afterward.
On a creative note, I have finally figured out my camera and can now get the pictures off of it. Thought I was going to have to put more RAM in but it's just that my USB doesn't work well with the camera to transfer photos. So why I didn't buy a card reader sooner I will never know. Silly me. BUT, now I am going to work on re-taking several product pics since the other camera had no DoF. Small victories, I'll take them! 

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