Wednesday, January 5, 2011

birthday party, beads, and resolutions

Tomorrow is shopping day for cake and party supplies! B's gonna be 2 on Friday and I've promised a piggy cake. i'm feeling a little pressed for time this week and will be relieved to have the holidays and birthday party behind me. can't wait for her to open her big present, dollhouse and dolls! seriously having a hard time not just giving it to her.
The New Year came in WITHOUT a bang but I do have some good resolutions to work on. and the fact that I woke up sans hangover is always special. maybe i'm learning.
TIME TO MAKE SOME CARDS, that is, if I ever find the sugar cane cards I bought recently. (might've said hemp in my last post) either way, what will it matter if I never find them! some day i will be organized.
On the jewelry front, my son swallowed a bead today. He freaked out. I freaked out. What's not to freak out about? Since it was only dime size, I guess no worries. He was sucking on his big toe later in the day and I asked him what he was doing. his reply "I'm trying to get the bead out".
that's his best phrase yet.

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