Monday, October 25, 2010

technical difficulties

Time to upgrade the camera and the powerbook, you've both been good to me but enough is enough! Had a pretty productive day today (sans camera of course). Made some new earrings I really like, long and dangley with dark red coral rounds and the other with black baroque freshwater pearl and deep brown swarovski crystal pearls. I'm so excited to get them online, gonna have to resort to the OLD camera with no DoF, as soon as I can find where the 3 y/o put it. Yep, it's my toddler's camera. (did I really just admit that?)  As I watched him spinning on the carpet tonight—a Dancing w/ the Stars inspired breakdancing session—I briefly wondered where he might have stashed it. The toy bin, a cabinet, some random closet shelf? Hope to find out tomorrow.

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