Monday, October 18, 2010

Painting crabapple blossoms

My current art project is a birthday present for a very special woman. I am painting a crabapple blossom and will be adding a Psalm to it once I get the blossoms finished. I stained the canvas with coffee previously and today started adding color to the blossoms. I tend to do too little but then too much if I keep going. Had a moment of panic where I thought I'd be scrapping the painting, until I realized, after staring at it from a distance, that it was just a matter of adding more darks and browns. whew. Glad I figured it out.
Tomorrow I need to add more color to the background, and then transfer my Psalm to paint. Only a few days til birthday!
Then I can start a new painting, and I already have the inspiration for it thanks to corn fields, green grass and blue sky. :)

ps. the oatmeal cookies with cherries and chocolate chips turned out great, can't stop eating them.

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