Friday, November 18, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Costume

So I'm a little late but have to share how my kids' Halloween costumes turned out this year. I'm a wee bit cheap when it comes to costumes. The thought of spending so much for a packaged costume that doesn't last bothers me. We did a Black Widow Spider and Strawberry Shortcake. All the pieces came together pretty well but I was most excited about little Shortcake's hat.
I found a cute white hat at Goodwill for a dollar! It was perfect. I bought some pink Rit dye, felt, and ribbon. 

Thrift hat and Petal Pink dye

We (meaning my mother-in-law) added the green and white polka dot ribbon and a handmade felt strawberry. . .

I love pink and green!
We had the skirt and tights, bought a pair of hot pink glitter mary jane's. The t-shirt was my very first applique project! If you don't look too close you'll be very impressed.

Halloween Party
Black Widow Costume:
This was an old Ninja costume that was never used. I sewed red felt eyes onto his hat (another dollar purchase at Goodwill) and bought some wide black ribbon to make the legs. He didn't get as much recognition as the Shortcake girl, of course, but both stole the show in my world :)

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